From October 1979; Western Airlines DC10-10; Mexico City, Mexico: Thecrew inadvertently landed on a closed runway parallel to the activerunway. I was trying to help. at 0140 h local time on 31 October 1979. subsequently instructing the cleared the crew to approach Mexico City via Tepexpan, 1, March 1982, Table 1. 21. [5] The article title refers to the Nov 28 crash of a New Zealand airliner in Antarctica, killing all 257 persons aboard. This runway was closed for repairs at the time. NTSB Safety Recommendation(s) A-82-91 through -93: .On October 31, 1979, a Western Airlines, Inc., DC-10-10, crashed while making an instrument landing system (ILS) approach to the Mexico City International Airport. My left hand and my foot is burned and my shoulder is dislocated. 11-1-1979, A12. The crash was one of three fatal DC-10 accidents in 1979 and occurred just over five months after the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and less than a month before the crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901 on Mount Erebus in Antarctica. What Happened to Flight 2605?" It is so chilling to listen to that it is traumatizing. Right after the accident the seats were right on top of one another and the plane was cracked open.., (Associated Press. 6. Pp. Accessed 10-7-2016 at:, Associated Press. NTSB writes that there was one. Letter to FAA. With Runway 23L closed for maintenance, the controllers expected Flight 2605 to perform a sidestep maneuver to the open runway, 23R. Rich Ahrens wrote in message <> You're right. The aircraft was destroyed. It seems to me that with only one of the two runwayseven being ILS-equipped, the approach chart would have clearly statedwhich one that was. >The controller several times refers to "23 right" but the crew never>reads back "23 right." Accessed from Index for October 1979 at:, National Transportation Safety Board. On October 31, 1979, at 5:42 a.m. the flight. The aircraft was destroyed. <<. The captain further stated that they were in fact (still) on the approach to 23L, saying "No, this is the approach to the goddamned left". [9] On page 103 notes the fatalities as 11 of the 13 crew, 61 of 76 passengers and 1 other (truck driver). The Safety Board believes that a separate instrument approach chart is needed for the 33 airport runways that utilize the sidestep maneuver in the United States. The aircraft's bank angle continued to increase to the point that the right wing began to cut into the ground and taxiways nearby the closed runway. The gear leg separated and struck the right tailplane and elevator, causing substantial damage. Accessed 10-6-2016 at:, United Press International, Mexico City. Flight No. He remembers nothing. Aircraft flying government officials, Helicopters This was not fair to Donald, "Chip," as he>is known. The approach lights are on runway 23-left. Western Airlines Flight 2605 was an international scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles to Mexico City. Inside the plane there was a lot of fire and a lot of dead people. Accessed 10-7-2016 at:, Associated Press, Mexico City. Rose Hills Memorial Park. I opened my seatbelt and came out of the plane. The rest were identified by nationality. Looking for some Western Airlines history. It's going, You do not have permission to delete messages in this group, On Mon, 3 May 1999 10:11:34 -0400, "Allan9" <, I've got someone that I have verified that they were on board (a cabin. The bank angle continued to increase to the point that the right wing began to cut into the ground and taxiways next to the closed runway. After the impact, he saw the fire coming, so he used his strength (he was a bodybuilder, and appeared so to me at the time) to expand a hole in the fuselage large enough to help the passengers, Chip and himself exit. While we did not double-check by name in obituaries all the deceased, we did do so for a handful, and the reporting by name in the AP article was correct for them. DC-10 Crashes in Mexico City. The Register, Orange County, CA, 10-31-1979, p. 1. Beautiful shots taken while the sun is below the horizon, Accidents Nowhere on standard United States approach charts is the complete maneuver portrayed, nor is the word sidestep shown. DC-10 crew at fault. Hutchinson News, KS, 12-15-1979, p. 2. If mathematical, chemical, physical and other formulas are not displayed correctly on this page, please useFirefox or Safari. Washington, DC: NTSB, 8-18-1982. Accessed 10-6-2016 at:, Wikipedia. History of the Flight. A McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 passenger plane, registered N903WA, was damaged beyond repair in a landing accident at Mexico City-Juarez International Airport (MEX), Mexico. Whittier, Los Angeles County, California, USA. Officials said the poor visibility played no role in the crash, though the airports log showed that at 6 a.m. 16 minutes after the crash there was zero visibility., Witnesses said the plane touched down normally, but then seemed to bounce and veer to the right. The end of the right wing eventually struck the corner of an aircraft repair hangar, causing damage to the hangar and also fracturing the DC-10's right wing. It then impacted anEastern Airlinesservice buildingnorth of both runways, 26 seconds after it initially touched down. This would bring total to 73. Contact me to view an 18 minute indepth coverage of the crash details. He remembers nothing. The DC-10 had descended below that altitude withoutreporting the runway, and the CVR indicated that none of the requiredaltitude callouts had been made. Photos taken by airborne photographers of airborne aircraft, Special Paint Schemes "Eduardo" perfectly fits my definition of a complete mental case. Rather, I sensed wonder that he was still alive. Sixty-one passengers and 11 crewmembers were fatally injured [72]; 13 passengers and 2 crewmembers were seriously injured [15];[19] and one person on the ground was fatally injured. Eddy told me at that time that the Mexicans who were working on the ground ran after the crash occurred and didn't return to help. Western Airlines Flight 2605, was an international scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles, California, to Mexico City, Mexico. On October 31, 1979, at 5:42a.m. CST, the aircraft used for the flight, aMcDonnell Douglas DC-10, crashed atMexico City International Airportin fog, after landing on a runway closed for maintenance. Washington, DC: NTSB, File 1-0026, no date. Investigators probe DC-10 crash site. The Daily Herald, Arlington Heights, IL, 11-2-1979, p. 2-7. 2605 2605 1979 1031 ( en) 2605 DC-10 . Among the places of residence can be counted 34 in the United States mostly California. Thanks for the link! I also hear GA aircraft doing them all>the time at Tulsa International when 36 is the active. Article writes: Red Cross and U.S. consular officials said that 63 bodies were recovered and that there was no hope that the 8 missing persons would be found alive [there was an intense fire]. Thus the total of fatalities from the plane at this point (the day after) would be 71 on the plane and one on the ground, for a total of 72. [14] The AP presents a list of 88 persons aboard Western Airlines Flight 2606provided by the airline. Listed first are the names of 15 surviving passengers followed by the names of two surviving crew members. [4], 74 AP. Western Airlines: 2605: Charlie,Charlie get it up. Thanks for sharing that link. I can't really tell, though, as your other>posts about this guy didn't show up on my server, so I don't know the>whole of his story. A primary point of disagreement between the official ICAO report and the ALPA study was the wording and description of the failed sidestep approach to Runway 23R. NW NY (42) 102. Plane Crash Podcast: Western Airlines Flight 2605, Stories That Empower: 095 Eduardo Valenciana. To me, Eddy was clearly deeply affected by being a survivor, needed to talk, and I sensed no ego or pride in his story. [3] Accessed 10-5-2016 at: And when confronted with your previoussummary of how 2605 crashed he said, "concerning the statement, it is one of many mis-information statementsreleased by "the powers that be," to continue the cover-up. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! With the Spaceship layout, the aircraft had 46 first class seats and 193 coach seats. Letter to Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration. There were 77 passengers and crew members on board. A lot of fire came out and the pilot tried to go up again but it was not possible so we turned right more and more, more dangerously, and then a big explosion. The collision with the truck, which was loaded with 10 tonnes of earth, removed the right landing gear leg with part or sections of the main gear beam to which it is attached, bursting three of the four tires. 75 Gepfert (LA Times). Western Airlines Flight 2605, was an international scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles, California, to Mexico City, Mexico. Confusion Over Runways Caused DC-10 Crash. Pharos-Tribune, 11-1-1979, p.21. He didn't mention that he had been beaten by anyone on the ground, but then it could have been for our lack of time. Being trained to assess and then open the exit doors in an emergency, Chip told me that after the crash he tried to do this, but saw that one of the exits had a handle and no door, and the other had a door and no handle. A 5:00 a.m. weather report indicated visibility of two to three nautical miles depending on direction; by 6:00 a.m. (shortly after the accident) visibility was described as "zero." that Runway 05 Right/23 Left would be closed for all operations for resurfacing work from the date of the NOTAM. [p. 108], The crew never reported to the control tower operator that the runway was in sight and no landing clearance was therefore given. [p. 109], Probable cause: Non-compliance with the meteorological minima for the approach procedure, as cleared; failure to comply with the aircrafts operating procedures during the approach phase, and landing on a runway closed to traffic. [p. 109] (International Civil Aviation Organization. To accomplish this, the crew would follow the ILS glide path toward Runway 23L, and as soon as they sighted the runway, they would reorient the aircraft to land on 23R. Sidebar on Nationality and On board fatalities. Go-around power was added and the nose lifted 10-11deg. 8-18-1982. She stopped him in the middle of the cabin and said, "Don't you feel it? |------------------------------------------------------------------------. Why? [p. 102], Twenty minutes before the accident to aircraft N-903WA, a B-727 aircraft of the Mexicana Airline which was performing Flight No. The airport was quite dark, as twilight had only started 5 minutes before the crash, and there was ground fog obscuring the runway. Moderators: richierich, ua900, PanAm_DC10, hOMSaR, Military Aircraft Mexico City International Airport has two runways: Runway 23 Left (23L), and Runway 23 Right (23R). ), Nov 1, Annibali (as told to UPI): An Italian student, Alessandro Annibali, 22, survived the crashThis is his story. DC-10 Crashes in Mexico City. The Register, Orange County, CA, 10-31-1979, p. On October 31, 1979, at 5:42 a.m. the flight crashed at Mexico City International Airport in fog, after landing on a runway closed for maintenance. Flight 2605 was on short final to the closed runway at 5:42 a.m. The two front times came off the wheels, whose hubs disintegrated, scattering pieces away from the aircraft. According to our analysis, Afriqiyah Airways is the most hated airline in Libya. Later, though, he was able to share these stories with their families. Western Airlines Flight 2605, nicknamed the "Night Owl", was an international scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles, California to Mexico City, Mexico.On October 31, 1979, at 5:42 a.m. CST (UTC06:00), the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 operating the flight crashed at Mexico City International Airport in fog after landing on a runway that was closed for maintenance. But then again, as we have seen in the TWA800 debate, some people will believe anything. 11-1-1979, A12.[14]. Well, we see once again exactly what your level of credibility is. However, the controllers did not use any phrases indicative of a sidestep maneuver that would have been familiar to American pilots. 2605, a McDonnell Douglas DC10-10, registration N-903WA, owned by Western Airlines Inc., had taken off from Los Angeles International Airport, California, for Mexico City, D.F. DC-10 crash: Another black eye for manufacturer. 11-29-1979, 40. I liked and trusted each of them very much. The probable cause of the accident was determined as: "Non-compliance with the meteorological minima for the approach procedure, as cleared; failure to comply with the aircraft's operating procedures during the approach phase, and landing on a runway closed to traffic. Garrison, Peter. He then looked down and saw that one of his feet had a shoe and no sock, and the other had a sock and no shoe. 2-7.[12]. Three seconds before the collision with the truck the engine throttles were opened. Western Airlines Flight 2605, nicknamed the "Night Owl", was an international scheduled passenger flight from Los Angeles, California, to Mexico City, Mexico. This final impact caused the structural breakup of the aircraft, heavily damaged the two story reinforced concrete building, and caused a fire that consumed most of the aircraft structure. Accordingly, the Safety Board recommends that the Federal Aviation Administration: Revise FAA Handbook 8260.19 to require that separate standardized instrument approach charts be published for all airport approaches that require a sidestep maneuver. About 0541 Mexican Central Time Western Airlines DC-10 Flight 2605 was making an approach to the airport in reported VFR conditions when it One off-the-wall theory I've heard in regards to this crash was thatthe crew believed that 23R was the closed ILS runway and that 23L wasthe proper one. ), Associated Press. . That runway is closed to traffic, the correct one is 23-right. The control tower told Capt. Deadliest American Disasters and Large-Loss-of-Life Events, (10 or more lives lost with notable exceptions), 1979 Oct 31, Western Airlines Flight 2605 crash, Mexico City Int. Fatal commercial air transport crashes, 1924-1981, AJFM&P, March 1983, p.56. This was not fair to Donald, "Chip," as heis known. Accessed 10-7-2016 at:, United Press International, Mexico City. This pushed us apart. I spoke to Chip while he was recovering in the hospital after the crash, and he remembered very little, only a few snippets about his personal experiences. October 31, 1979. Survivors reported that large pieces of the building continued to fall onto the wreckage of the aircraft several minutes after the crash, as rescuers arrived on the scene. I just saw that the plane was tilted a little bit toward the right, and it touched down with the right tire. 72 NTSB. Panic ensued in the cockpit; Gilbert was heard screaming while Reichel urged him to "get it up." It's not likely from his comments to date that Dan has ever flown into, I thought it was complete BS from the first e-mail. The accident and subsequent investigation prompted the release of NTSB Safety Recommendations A-80-59 and A-80-60. Yourconclusion??? I knew one of the surviving FAs, Donald (Chip) Richards, before the crash, and I met the other FA survivor, Eddy (Eduardo) Valencia, in the LAX FA lounge after the crash, where he told me his experiences--before, during and after the crash--in great detail. Safety Recommendation(s) A-82-91 through -93. Flight 2605 remains the deadliest air accident to have occurred in Mexico City. Views from inside the cockpit, Aircraft Cabins A United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Tel Aviv, Israel, turned around just hours into its trip because of an unruly traveler over the weekend. The aircraft first flew in 1973 and in six years had logged a total of 24,614 flight hours. I realize that this entry is very late and it's quite long, but bear with me. Western Airlines was a major airline based in California, operating in the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii, and western Canada, as well as to New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Miami and to Mexico City, London and Nassau. [1] While there are a number of estimates of 74 or 75 fatalities, these are all from newspaper reports and could well reflect that early reports included the deaths of two or three locals on the ground. Details of its findings were republished in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) circular 173-AN/109. how many separate units in the building renters insurance; cafe de marco twilight specials menu. However, I can share the experiences that he and Chip shared with me soon after the crash. However,23L was the only runway equipped with ILS, and the WAL crew elected touse a side-step approach by which they'd follow the ILS of 23L to acertain point and then veer off and land on 23R. 3.). 3, No. Accident details Mexico City International Airport has two runways: Runway 23 Left (23L), and Runway 23 Right (23R). The impact of the landing gear shattered the truck, fatally injuring its driver, and creating a debris field 400m by 100m in area. In the final conversation, the tower told the pilot, who was making an instrument approach, There are banks of fog, and also twice told him that 23-right was the correct runway for landing. Flight 2605 remains the deadliest air accident to have occurred in Mexico City. [2], 75 UPI, Mexico. Western Airlines Flight 2605 19 Reply kapotchaboii 1 yr. ago Airplane lands accidantaly on the wrong runway half in the grass, half in the shoulder, try to power up the engines for a new try. This guy writes like, I'm not revealing his name, but he is *alledgedly* one of the two surviving, The flight was cleared on a 'circle to land' approach, by using the ILS on the, On Mon, 3 May 1999 17:35:49 -0400, "John Mazor" <, Well KRC, this person (who calls himself Eduardo Valenciana, BTW) is making, I got all the e-mails saved, so anyone e-mail if ya want me to forward them, On Wed, 5 May 1999 19:18:17 -0500, "Dan Rupp". [2] Crew members of aDC-10 that crashed Oct. 31 in Mexico City killing 75 people were responsible for the accident because they violated airline safety procedures, the Mexican government said Friday [Dec 14]., [3] The death toll from last months crash of a Western Airlines DC-10 has risen to 75, authorities said. It's>going>> to be a few weeks until the NTSB sends me a copy of the final report, if>> they can find it. The NTSB, ICAO, and ASN all note 73 deaths including one on ground. As long as the gullible public will hit on your site ------------------------------------------------------------------------|Rich Ahrens | Homepage: || |-----------------------------------------------||"In a world full of people only some want to fly - isn't that crazy?" This page was last updated at 2023-04-29 03:53 UTC. Accessed 10-7-2016 at:, Gepfert, Ken (Los Angeles Times). Saddest RECORDING -Western Airlines Flight 2605 Cockpit Voice Recorder ( CVR). On October 19, 1979, anotice to airmenwas issued stating that Runway 23L would be closed until further notice for resurfacing work. Time: 05:42 Operator: Western Air Lines. Flight Safety Foundation. >10/31/1979 05:42 LOCATION: Mexico City, Mexico CARRIER: Western Air Lines FLIGHT: 605 AIRCRAFT: Douglas DC-10-10 REGISTRY: N903WA S/N: 46929 ABOARD: 88 FATAL: 72 GROUND: 1 DETAILS: The aircraft struck a vehicle after landing on a closed runway. The guy who announces the go-around procedure sounds half asleep. The day of the accident, the status of the persons on board Flight 2605 was reported: One more passenger died of his injuries at American British Cowdray Hospital on November 18, bringing the total fatality count of passengers and crew to 72. It appears that only one person was killed on the ground a local truck driver. Accessed 10-5-2016 at: The Mexican Transportation Ministry said the pilot tried to land on the wrong runway, clipped a truck in which the dead truck driver was found, then headed for the correct runway to the right but swiped a building with his right wingtip. [17] Cites International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Circular 173-AN/109; and NTSB Safety Recommendations A-80-59/60. Flight 2605 was piloted by Captain Charles Gilbert (53), First Officer Ernst Reichel (46) and Flight Engineer Daniel Walsh (39). Weather conditions were deteriorating during Flight 2605's instrument approach. I can't attest to his written accounts regarding the crash (in July 2018, he released a new book about the crash called "Jumpseat, A Tale of Twisted Fate," which I have not read. Flight 2605 was on short final to the closed runway at 5:42 AM. Yes they didn't make the sidestep to the active runway but they didn't even land on the closed runway, instead contacting the ground with one main gear off the runway in the grass. Before that time not such manuver was everrecorded in the Jepsen Maunal or anywhere else to any U.S.airline", Sadly, the conditions, bad enough when I first landed there in 1957,continue each year to grow worse, with no end in sight except repeattragedies or halting flying. solar plexus chakra anxiety,
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